Kitchen Movies

Movie production kitchen-style. Short clips to show what you can do with a DV cam and iMovie if you're really bored. Thanks to Fred in France ( who helped me get free server space for the movies! They are compressed, but without broadband they'll download slowly.

NEW: For those of you who can't see Quicktime movies, try the YouTube versions! (And while you're there, give them 5 stars, will you? ;-)

On YouTube: Requiem for a clementine (1:45)
Neo stomping a small orange. A real splatter movie! Now better quality.
On YouTube: Barbeint vs the tobacco industry
(hmmm, I was still smoking when I made this one!)
On YouTube: Traces (1:16)
New short version of the one to the right.
YouTube: Barefoot Ballet (0:52) A soleful self-portrait + a tryout of some iMovie effects...
Traces (long) (2:20)
Neo and I doing a White Xmas even without snow. A longer (but probably not better) version.

Der Elfenkönig (1:35)
Neo as the Elf King in this ice cold video. Now better quality.
Short version (1.3 MB)

TombRaider(X) - Killing Lara (1:10)
Music and feet stomping by Master (X)!

Breaking Free (0:40)
Nordic Top (Mr Leather Norway 02!) breaking out of a gladpack cocoon...

Sole Mountain (0:30)
Goodlooking 29 yo straight Dolph with hard, tough soles...

Behind Traces (1:20)
"Behind the scene" clips from our popular kitchen movie. Oy and Neo.

Stomping Prince (0:37)
Stop smoking. Now!  Better version (Quicktime 6 or 7).

ManWalk (0:56)
With Crow walking to a sound track. The start of a music video I didn't finish...

Made with Apple's iMovie and a Sony Mini-DV camera. In most cases the videos start playing while downloading.

You need the free Quicktime Player (Windows and Mac).

TIP: To view separate frames, click stop, then drag the slider. If the clips come in a separate quicktime window, you can magnify the video by dragging in the lower right corner. Download time 1 - 5 min. depending on connection and traffic. With cable/broadband: 0.5 - 1 min. You can start playing while downloading).
Saving to disk: You can save the videos with the 29 $ pro version of QuickTime. Workaround: Right-click the link (ctrl-click on Mac) and choose "Download link to disk" from the popup-menu.

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